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Darren means 'little great one' in Gaelic. I am the founder and creator of LifeWorks, and run all of the programmes. I have allowed myself to be guided, so that I now spend my life helping others find and develop their true Path in life, contact their angels, and make their unique contribution, for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the world.

How It Started
I began with a career in marketing and business. However, after becoming successful in marketing, I quickly became disillusioned with the materialistic nature of big business. I thought "What am I doing - I'm helping big companies make even bigger profits! This is not what I want to do with my life!" I sensed there was something more for me. I changed careers and moved into personal development training and one to one coaching. I spent the next 8 years running courses, and helping people to make profound improvements in their professional and personal lives, with great success.

During this time, I also suffered a major illness (M.E.) for which there was no traditional medical cure. This took me on a spiritual quest, exploring the whole 'new age' world to try to heal myself, and also to find the latest and most powerful techniques that would help both me and others in developing their future. This led to enormous growth, changes, and new understandings about how people develop, and about spirituality and life. It equipped me with even more tools, in addition to his earlier work. This growth included being trained psychically, intuitively, and spiritually.

Looking back, I can see how I was guided to just what I needed at the time. For example, one day a guy came into my office and said "You're Darren aren't you? I'm the UK's top psychic and spiritual trainer and I've been sent to train you. Would you like to come and join my psychic circle for free and learn how to channel and do psychic work?" I thought 'Wow! What an opportunity', and accepted! It was amazing!

A New Discovery
Later, I searched everything I could lay my hands on to help me clarify MY Life Purpose. There wasn't much material around, but I knew there was something for me. Eventually, I came to realise that my Life Path was to help people get OFF the path of consumerism and materialism which is sweeping the planet, causing untold stress, and which is destroying the environment and the planet. I am here to help people get off this materialistic merry-go-round, and INSTEAD find spirituality, discover their own true path, and to make a positive contribution to the world. I've been guided to spend my life helping OTHERS find and develop their life path.

About 10 years ago, while running a workshop at home, I heard a voice in my head say: "Start a business. Call it Lifeworks. Have it be all about helping other people find and develop their Life Path or Life's Work (Your life really works when you find your Life's Work). You don't need to know everything now, just start - you'll be guided." I did so, and I have been guided every step of the way ever since.

My own life has been guided, and just keeps getting better and better as I follow my path and guidance. I love this work - it is so fulfilling to help others find and develop their life path. I have found that the more I follow the loving guidance of my angels, and listen to my intuition and inner voice, the more things just magically fall into place and keep blossoming. By following the guidance of my angels, I am receiving everything my heart desires, and making my fullest contribution to the planet. Everyone can do this. If each of us finds and follows our true path, and is guided by our angels, we'll find inner fulfillment for ourselves, AND make our own unique contribution to helping the world.

My Own Mission
Since being guided to start Lifeworks over 10 years ago, I have conducted this work with many hundreds of people. My work covers the following 3 main areas:

1. Help people of all backgrounds and faiths to connect with Higher Sources of Spiritual Guidance for their lives (including intuition, inner wisdom, Higher Self, and learning how to channel Guides, spirits and Angels)

2. Help people to discover and clarify their Life Purpose and Higher Mission for this lifetime - how they can best/uniquely contribute to the healing and evolution of mankind and the planet - their unique role in the world.

3. Help people to overcome fears, blocks, and previous baggage which stands in their way, and to support them in leading more empowered, purposeful, successful lives, which contribute positively to the planet.

This is part of a spiritual mission, supported and prompted by my guides and angels. It is based on the belief that all of us are capable of tuning in to higher guidance, and that each of us can play a part in building a better world, and can learn to live more fruitfully and beneficially.

Recent Developments
Having done this work with people individually and in small groups over the past 5 years, I have now been guided to transform this work into home study and correspondence courses, so that the work can reach more people, all over the world. There are only so many people I can serve individually each week - correspondence courses enable me to reach and help more people without the limitations of my own diary. Guided By Angels is the first correspondence course produced and is proving extra-ordinarilly successful, bringing much joy and reward to students.

I also offer individual Angel Guidance Sessions by telephone to help you resolve almost any issue. He can help you to receive answers yourself, or channel guidance from the angels for you, or a combination of both.

If you would like to know more about my counselling work visit me

Love and Light

Darren Linton and all the team at Lifeworks
and, of course, the Angels

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