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Consultancy - Helping Your Organisation to Flourish

The Angels would like to help organisations who are seeking to reach out and make a positive difference to the world.  The angels can help to guide the organisation to fulfil their greater mission on the earth in the highest, best and most elegant ways.
Adding angelic guidance and energies to your organisation will enhance its work, its success, drawing the right people and opportunities to your organisation to help it spread its work.

Angelic inputs can greatly accelerate the growth of the work, and save considerable time, money and wasted efforts, by ensuring the organisation develops on the right path, with divine support producing miraculous developments in expected and unexpected ways. Why use merely human efforts when you can add angelic guidance and energies to lift the success of your organisation to higher levels, and make a greater difference to the world.

Just like our own lives, which can feel blocked or a struggle when we are on the wrong path, but which flow easily and ‘doors open’ when we are on the right path, so too the growth and success of the organisation will flow more easily and flourish when it is fulfilling its divine blueprint for contributing its best to the world.

How I can Help

I am particularly keen to work with organisations who are here to make a difference to the world. These might include for example, charities, environmental  organisations, educational establishments, community-based enterprises, or other organisations with a social conscience who are keen to make a difference.

With my background in business, marketing, and business and leadership coaching and consultancy, combined with channelled divine guidance and the support of the angels, I can help your organisation to succeed in the following ways:

  • Clarifying the right path, purpose, mission and vision for its work
  • How to achieve this in the most elegant and beautiful ways
  • How to help your work grow swiftly and efficiently with minimum cost and effort
  • Enhancing the way in which it touches peoples lives
  • Inspiring and motivating staff, suppliers, supporters  and customers
  • Removing barriers to growth
  • Accelerating the growth and success of your organisation

Let me help add a little angelic support, guidance and magic to your organisation. Why struggle alone when you can have divine assistance?
When you bring it under the wings of the angels, and add divine energy, you will see it flourish in extra-ordinary ways.

Contact me to explore how I, and the angels, can make a difference to your organisation
Email;  or call me on +44 (UK)  0 1245 460057

My Background

I originally spent 8 years in an award-winning career in marketing and business, helping famous name companies and brands achieve extra-ordinary growth in sales, profits and success. I then switched into conducting business, management and leadership coaching, training and consultancy, producing highly acclaimed courses on behalf of the Dti helping businesses of all sizes to improve their performance.  I also trained and working with some of the top training organisations in the world, including being voted trainer of the year.  I understand business and how to help them succeed. That, together with my ability to channel divine guidance from the angels and spiritual realms, and provide the answers and guidance that are required, mean that I can offer a unique combination of exceptional divine and practical business guidance for organisations that can make a world of difference to your organisations success!


I charge reasonable daily rates but aim to ensure extra-ordinary results and returns .

When you contact me, we can discuss how I (and the angels) can contribute to the growth and success of your enterprise, and how to produce greatly enhanced financial returns for your organisation too.

Call me and explore

Contact me to explore how I, and the angels, can make a difference to the success of your organisation.

Email;  or call me on +44 (UK)  0 1245 460057


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