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You are invited to be part of a special 'Earth Healing Meditation' designed to bring powerful and beneficial higher energies to the earth, for the good of all. We have been asked by the angels to get 11,000 people to join in this meditation. Thank you for participating in this global meditation.

We have provided a link to the meditation below. You may listen or download the meditation and enjoy it today, and again in the future. Or, if you missed the meditation, you can enjoy it now. There is great value in thousands all performing the same meditation on the same day, but your continued participation and use of the meditation will continue to further build the positive energies in you and the world.

To listen use the link below. You can perform this meditation at any time, wherever you are in the world.

Left-click to play in your browser, or right-click to download the meditation as an MP3 file. The meditation is around 12 minutes.


Here is a further message from the angels:

Beloved Ones

We thank you for taking this time to be of world service.
We would like to provide a little background to this global meditation, so that you are consciously aware of how you are helping and serving the earth.

You are aware that there are angels, archangels and ascended masters watching over the earth and assisting you, everyone and the planet. There are also many other Beings of Light, from across the universe, here to help the planet during these transformational times.

Many of you will have heard about crystal children, indigo children and star children. These are remarkably advanced and gifted beings from other worlds, who have chosen to be born onto the earth, to assist the healing and awakening of the planet. Many are unusual, and struggle with earthly life, for they have great gifts and abilities. Treat them with love and care.

There are also many Indigo Adults – gifted souls from other worlds who have also incarnated here to assist the earth. A few have awakened, many more will soon do so. Typically they may feel ‘different’, that they don’t quite fit in, and long to ‘go home’ (to their original planets). They may be connected to such star systems as Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda (which are mentioned in many books, such as recent ones by author Diana Cooper), or other distant stars. This may apply to some of you reading this today.

Such star systems, civilisations and the Beings of Light which are here to help the earth, carry GREAT energies and great knowledge which can help your planet. New methods of healing people and the planet. Advanced technological knowledge, which can be used to build a better, cleaner world for all. They wish to share this with you, and help the planet.

There are hundreds of thousands of these beings, waiting ‘above the earth’ to connect with you all and share their loving and healing energies and knowledge. Due to free will given to man by the creator, they must wait until the energies upon the earth are high enough, and people are ready and willing to connect with them, before all of these great energies and wisdom can be given unto the earth.


This meditation, with your help, will enable more of their healing energies to come down to the planet, to spread these advanced healing energies, and raise the vibration. This will enable more to awaken and connect with these Beings of Light. Then more of these higher energies can flood into the earth to help it develop further. You can play a part in this. As always, you will be blessed with these new advanced healing energies, while you assist in calling these healing energies to the earth.
We in the divine realms thank you for your assistance and world service. It is through co-operating for the highest good of all, that a new dawn and a new golden age will be created for the earth.

Namaste and Blessings to you all, and the planet.


Thank you for taking part in these transmissions of new light and energy, and healing for the world.

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