11,000 Souls Wanted - Join us on December 14th

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes helping yourself, and helping to heal the world? We would like to invite you to do something extra-ordinary.

We all know that the future of the planet lies in our hands, Our decisions and choices and prayers will decide the fate of the planet. God has given humans free will. Our individual choices, collectively, affect the whole planet, and the future of us all – humankind, and every living thing on the planet – trees, plants, animals, nature, everything upon the earth.


Healing Yourself and the Planet

The angels have asked us to gather 11,000 volunteers around the world to assist in this transmission and receiving of new energies to assist the planet. All who participate will benefit enormously.

The energies will help to cleanse and lift the vibration of everyone and everything on the planet into a higher, more loving energy, which will help to heal and bring positive changes to your world, in ways beyond your expectations. These are new energies, given as a gift to you and the planet.

Will you join us?

The angels would like people in every town and city in the world to assist in this event. By participating, you help to anchor the energies into yourself, the ground, the area around you, and help to magnify the power of the wave of energy as it spreads across the globe. A circle, a wheel, is strong because it is complete. If there are gaps, bits missing, it loses much of its strength. That is why Spirit is calling for people around the world to help receive, anchor, and multiply these energies.

11,000 sounds like a large number. However, there are over 100 countries in the world, so 11,000 works out at only around 100 per country, that's a only mere handful per state or county. Now you see why you are important. Please join in, and help to build the energies in your area.
You are important. You have free choice. Will you CHOOSE to join in?

Would you like to receive powerful new celestial / angelic energies to help yourself, and to help the planet?

With the help of each of you, and just some of your friends, we can reach the critical number required. 11,000 souls can help to bring positive changes to yourself and the planet.  Eleven is the number of transformation.  So 11,000 will be very powerful – it is the critical mass required for this energy transmission (although more would of course be better and welcome).

What does it involve?

It will simply involve you joining in a meditation on a particular day (or within 24 hours either side of that day). The meditation lasts about 15 minutes and you can do it at any time of day, adding your energy to that of thousands of others around the globe.

To take part, we ask that you register your interest below, so we can send you further reminders and links nearer the time and on the day, and so that we can check the numbers and geographic spread of participants around the world. The date for the next event is 14th December. There will be further energy transmissions in future and we will keep you advised about future events.

The event is entirely FREE.

Register below, and we will email you further details nearer the time.

We’ll also send you some free information about building your connection with the angels beforehand. I have a vision of the earth covered in a grid of golden light, linking sparkling bright lights (the 11,000 souls) around the world. It should be quite an experience.

Thank you for considering this event (and hopefully CHOOSING to participate in these transmissions of new light and energy, and healing for the world).

Please forward this to all your friends, and invite them to join in and receive these too or simply click below to LIKE us on Facebook!


Powerful energies have been flooding the earth, and will continue to raise the spiritual vibrations upon the planet over the coming years, so that all life on earth will be touched and graced by these changes. This transformation of the planet has been ordained and is supported by God, the Angels, Archangels, Masters, and thousands upon thousands of beings of light, the power of the universe, and higher energies beyond our awareness and imagination. It is time for the earth to move out of darkness and back into the light.

To help prepare for this transformation, we are inviting you to participate in a meditation to help the earth prepare for the transition, release the old, and prepare for the new incoming waves of higher energies.  As well as helping the planet, all who participate in this meditation for the earth will also receive a strong cleansing and energetic blessing, which will help you to attune to the new energies too, for your own highest good.

This meditation is designed to prepare the earth, and all living beings on the planet, for the new waves of light and energy that are being sent to the earth, with love, from God. This will assist the transformation of the world at this sacred time, and the receiving of the new higher energies for the future of the planet.

These are powerful and beneficial energies sent from the centre of the universe, and from the heart of mother / father God (Source) for the good of all.

The universe is moving into a phase of integration and unity, bringing synergy and harmony to all. Old energies will be released, and new higher energies sent to assist the move towards oneness and a new era of enlightenment.

We invite you to participate in this meditation before, on, or after 21 December. Imagine holding the earth in the palm of your hands and blessing it ready for a new birth into the light. This is what you will be metaphorically accomplishing.

We in the spiritual realms thank you for participating in this meditation to help prepare the earth for the new golden age. Your thoughts, actions and prayers make a bigger difference than you realise.

Namaste and blessings loved one.

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