Anyone can learn to talk daily with the Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides to receive life-changing healing and wisdom. It's easy - and I will show you how.


In ancient Greece, wise men and leaders who wanted answers to important questions visited the Oracle at Delphi. At this temple, priestesses communicated with the divine and gave them answers to their questions. It was famed throughout the land. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to go to Greece, or somewhere in your own country, and be able to receive the answers to questions like these:

How can I create wealth and prosperity for myself
and my family?

How do I discover the secrets of
long-lasting health and happiness?

How do I unlock the treasure of passionate relationships
with my partner, family and friends?

What questions would you ask?

The good news is that you don't have to go anywhere to receive the answers. You can learn how to talk with your guides, angels and archangels and receive the answers to these questions and any others, whenever you want, in your own home. Can you imagine how helpful that would be?

I'd like to teach you how to do
this for yourself.

The simple truth about connecting with angels

Many people have read books, found white feathers, etc. and then tried to connect with their angels, but without much success. Some feel angels around them while they are performing healing on others, and would love to meet their guides and angels and learn how to talk with them, for their own sake, and for their clients.

One of the problems can be that people try to take too big a step at once. They try to go from nothing to full contact in one exercise. It can be too big a leap. Far better to break it down into smaller, easier steps - then anyone can do it successfully. That’s what my angels revealed to me, and showed me a process that works like a dream in helping people connect, talk, channel and heal with their angels.

Wouldn’t you like to connect more fully with your angels?

You don’t have to travel around the country, going to endless workshops. We can make it easy for you. The angels have shown me a process that makes it simple, easy and joyful for anyone to connect with their angels. It has proven how well it works with hundreds of people all over the world. Let me explain how this simple, effective, angel-inspired process came about ...

After a few years of teaching people how to communicate with their angels, my angels said to me that they wanted to show me a simple process that would make it easy for ANYONE to connect with their angels. “Here it is” they said, and the whole process - all the steps instantly popped into my mind.

“Wow!!” I said “That’s fantastic. And it makes perfect sense. You’ve always directed me to start people with A and B. Now I see why. Once they’ve done A and B, C and D become easy. And once they’ve done A,B,C, and D, then EFG become a piece of cake! That’s ingenious!”

I decided to test it out (I like to ensure that everything I offer to people WORKS – its not just theory, it actually works in practice). So I gathered a test group for a workshop. It was one of the BEST workshops I EVER ran. EVERYONE connected with their angels first time and every time, discovered what their angels looked like and what their names were, and received countless messages about their lives. It ran like a dream and everyone left absolutely delighted. I was thrilled.

“Oh no” I thought afterwards. This works SO WELL, the angels are going to get me traveling all around the country, living out of suitcases and hotels, doing endless workshops. I don’t want to do that (I was still recovering from illness at the time). However they had a much better idea for me.

“Turn it into a home study course” they said to me “With a manual and CDs – a complete kit for teaching people how to talk with their angels. That way, you can send it out to anyone who is interested, whenever they are ready, at any time, wherever they are in the world. They can do it in the comfort of their own home, building the energies into their home, without having to wait for a nearby workshop.” What a brilliant idea!

And so the angel home study course, Guided By Angels was created. It took six months to channel all the information through and turn it into a clear manual, with step by step techniques, information, exercises, examples, angel messages, and angel meditations, in an easy to read folder, and to record the angel mediations that help people connect and talk with their angels so easily. Once again I decided to test the course. I placed a tiny ad asking for 15-20 volunteers to test the course. Over 200 people called me! I thought ‘Goodness – this is obviously divinely guided and meant to happen.’ We tested it with around 120 people in the end, and the results were sensational – people connected easily and wrote in telling me about all the amazing stories, incidents and advice they had received from their angels, how their lives had been touched and transformed, and how much they loved the course and were so grateful they had done it. It was almost overwhelming.

Her are just a few of the comments I have received and there are countless more.

"I learned so much about myself and how to allow the angels into my life. Talking with my angels is so exciting. I have found a new path of hope and light."
Evelyn M (Scotland)

"I feel more at peace knowing that I have angelic protection all the time. I can call on the angels whenever I need help. Fascinating and fulfilling – it exceeded all my expectations. I’m so glad I started it."
Linda Northgraves

“A Wonderful, simple programme for light-workers everywhere – worth its weight in gold. Thank you”
Ondray Botkoveli

You can read more comments from previous students here


You too can be 'Guided By Angels'

What you will gain - 10 wonderful gifts
you will receive from the course

1. Increased flow of angel signs, feathers, co-incidences and miracles in your life

The course shows you how to call the angels into your life, and how to open up to greater guidance and everyday signs, love and miracles, in all areas of your life.

“I never knew life could be this easy, comfortable and beautiful. My angels are now my constant companions. I am loved and guided. What more could you ask?”
Jay Phillips

2. Receive Healing Energies from the Angels
The course includes a unique Angel Attunement exercise which cleanses you of lower energies and brings you new angelic energies which helps you build your connection with the angels. A magical, joyful, blessed process. As it is one of the angel guided mediations on CD included with the course, you can enjoy it again and again. It's a joy every time.

“I saw a beautiful, crystal temple. There was a bed with lights and angels around it. When I lay on the bed I felt swirls of pink, blue and golden light around me. I felt tingling and warmth spread throughout my whole body. Afterwards, the angels told me that I have come a long way, and gave me an eagle feather, to show that I can fly as high as an eagle. Afterwards I felt wonderful, calm and peaceful. I play the CD every week.” Rachel Love

3. Meet and Talk with Your Angels
The course teaches you how to meet and talk with your Guardian Angels and other guides and angelic beings too. You learn how to call them to you, and talk with them whenever you wish, to receive guidance, answers, love, reassurance and inspiration – daily if you wish. You will see what they look like, discover their names, experience their unique energies, and ‘hear’ them talking to you directly, pouring their love and guidance into you. So inspiring – more so than you can possibly imagine. It’s like having a hotline to your angel – you can call them anytime for a chat – they’re always happy to talk!

"I’ve always believed in Angels. I knew I had a guiding angel, I just didn’t know how to contact him/her. During the guided exercise I met my Guardian Angel. He had huge white wings, golden hair, blue eyes, and a long white robe. He was a powerful being, and said his name was Helios. He told me to visit and speak with him as often as I like. I sometimes now connect just for the joy and companionship I feel. I love my angel connection.” Corinne Johnston

4. Connect with the Archangels
During the course you also meet the three leading Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle and Archangel Raphael. You can ask them for healing, healing from past lives, guidance about your life path, strength, support, inspiration, protection. You actually feel their energy and hear their messages as they work with you. You will see them, and hear their messages for you. The course includes a special archangel meditation on CD to help you connect. Working with these powerful beings can boost your life considerably. They may become welcome friends and regular helpers to you.

“I was feeling heavy, bogged down, so I used the archangel exercise to call on Archangel Michael. I felt his wings wrap around me, and when I asked for blocks to be removed, I could feel a pulling sensation as though something was being drawn out of me. I saw huge amounts of grey matter floating away, and felt lighter. The more that was taken away, the more peaceful I felt. When I opened my eyes, the room seemed somehow different, though I can’t explain how or why. I felt much better and more positive. The feeling of calmness was with me for several days. I use the archangel exercise often now for clearing and inspiration.” Sue Howe

5. Protection, Blessings and Transformation
You learn how to work with the angels and archangels in every and any area of your life. You can protect yourself, your family and your loved ones, and see your life being guided and transformed. Knowing that you are not alone, that you are guided and protected and blessed by the angels, subtly transforms the quality of your life. Stress and worry are replaced by ease and grace. Imagine the difference.

"I can now communicate with my guardian angel and guides, and ask them to help sort out problems. I know they will be dealt with. I actually witness the results of this, which was unbelievable at first, but now I know it will happen. Life is so much easier for me, and I am a better person, which helps everyone whose lives I touch." Jean T.

6. Discover your true Life Path
Once you are connected with the angels, they will reveal things to you about your life. You can heal areas from the past, receive revelations about your path, how you can help others, and your work in helping the earth, and be led to new beginnings. Want to write, to heal, to help others, to do more with your life? The angels will help you, reveal your path, and show you the way. You are here to learn and grow, and to help others. The course includes special exercises to help you receive angel inspiration about your life. The angels will guide you forward in subtle or miraculous ways. Live your life as you are meant to.

"Before starting the course I felt I was ‘all over the place’ financially, emotionally and lacking direction. I found with the strong connections I made with the angels & guides & their gentle prompting, I am more positive, know where I am heading, and my finances are sorted out. It’s a great feeling knowing that everyone is loved unconditionally and the angels are here to help us – all we have to do is ask!" Marcia Thomas

7. Learn how to Heal with Angels
Are you involved in Reiki or other forms of healing? Perhaps you would simply like additional help in healing yourself? The course shows you 7 methods in which you can call on the angels to help you heal clients, family and loved ones. Boost your healing skills. Receive messages about how to help your clients, and how to develop your healing skills and healing business further, with the help of the angels. Guided By Angels also shows you 12 methods in which the angels can help you to heal yourself. Learn how to protect yourself and clear yourself too. As angel workers, you are probably sensitive to the energies of others. You can use this for good, if you learn how to protect yourself and keep your own energy clear and good. Your healing in all areas will be enhanced by working with the angels, and if you are a healer, they will help guide you in extending your work out into the world.

“While working with a client I saw bright multi-coloured lights all around her (a sign of the angels). I was guided to send healing towards her stomach. She told me that she had stomach problems which often kept her awake at night. She said she felt warmth and healing enter her stomach, and felt much better afterwards. A number of other clients have said that they have felt stronger energies since I started asking the angels to assist with my healing sessions. ” Jay Kristen

8. Feel more in tune with your Soul and Spirit
Many are lost and out of touch with their soul and spirit. They spend too much time in their heads, and not enough time listening to the guidance of their soul. Many times they know the answers, but do not trust enough to follow it. The course helps you to ‘come home’ to your Soul. You rediscover the real you. You connect with your heart and soul and spirit, deeper than ever before. Once you are in tune with your soul and spirit, your life will inevitably take a turn for the better. You cannot find true happiness if you are lost and out of touch with your soul and spirit. Through various exercises, we’ll reunite you with your own spirit, and you’ll discover the happiness and power of your true self once more.

On the Inner Wisdom exercise - "It was lovely - I felt so happy and loved and thought 'if ever I feel bad about myself, I just need to remember that deep down there is a lovely and loving part of me, that knows what I need and has my best interests at heart'. Now I can truly listen.” Sue Walsh

9. Improve Your Intuition – Make the Right Choices Easily
We all have intuition. Everyone I speak with recognizes that intuitive voice within, which gives us occasional messages. Sometimes we follow them and are glad we did so. Sometimes we ignore it then kick ourselves afterwards ‘I knew that was going to happen – I wish I’d listened to myself’ we say afterwards. We have this special gift, this friendly voice inside us, leading us to the right choices. Do you always listen? Most people I speak to say they are too busy, too tired, too stressed, to pay much attention to this voice within. What a waste! Here we have a gift from God inside us, and most people ignore it! Guided By Angels also shows you how to tap into this voice within. It shows you how to connect whenever you wish, so you make the right decisions and choices for your life with ease. If you made the right decisions every time, and tune in for guidance whenever you have to make a decision, think how much easier and how much more smoothly your life would go! The course shows you how to develop your intuition to advanced levels, and use it to help your life. The course is worth it for this alone, yet I have put this at only number
9 on this list of amazing benefits the course will bring to you.

“I can connect with my higher self and angels much more quickly – this helps me to make decisions easily. My life has improved enormously as a result.” Angela White

10. Knowing you are on the right path – Coming Home
Have you spent years seeking answers and your true path? When you are in tune with your Soul, Spirit and the Angels, are being blessed and guided forward on a daily basis, and are in communion with Spirit, you will find peace in your heart, and contentment in your soul. Then all things are possible. Surrendering to God and Grace, our lives are transformed for the better, and we look back with amazement and gratitude for our lives. This is the ultimate gift that the angels would like to share with you via the course.

“I feel more at peace knowing that I have angelic protection all the time. I can call on my angels whenever I need help. Fascinating and fulfilling – it exceeded all my expectations. A thorough and wonderful life-changing experience.” Linda Northgraves

What does the course cover?

The course is a ten month course designed to teach you everything you need to know about working, talking and healing with your angels and the Archangels. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.

What do I receive?

The Guided By Angels home study course gives you all of the benefits of talking and healing with your angels, and countless other serendipities and blessings too. You will be pleasantly surprised!

You can choose to receuve the course by POST or EMAIL.

If you opt for the printed version by post you will be sent:

  1. A beautiful angel course manual
  2. Seven guided angel, archangel and angel healing meditations on CD
  3. Nine course sessions, one per month, each filled with guidance, angel meditations, exercises, examples, case stories and messages from the angels, which guide you step-by-step along this angelic process for connecting fully with your angels.
If you opt for the EMAIL version you will be sent:
  1. Seven guided angel, archangel and angel healing meditations as MP3 files that you can download to your PC or load onto your iPod or MP3 player.
  2. Nine course sessions in Acrobat PDF format, one per month, each filled with guidance, angel meditations, exercises, examples, case stories and messages from the angels, which guide you step-by-step along this angelic process for connecting fully with your angels.


“Its’ like receiving a birthday present every month”
S Page


The course is designed to be simple, easy to follow, and manageable – it only takes around 3-4 hours per month (one or two evenings per month), so it's easy to complete, even if you have a busy life. There is no time limit – you can complete it in your own time and at your own pace. It includes everything you need to connect with your angels and receive all of the benefits that an angelic connection brings

The course covers many areas, including the following:

  • Developing the right foundations for connecting with your angels

  • Receiving angel signs

  • Developing your Intuition

  • Linking with your Higher Self – tapping into the wisdom within

  • How to connect and hear your angels

  • Angel Healing Process - Healing yourself and clearing any blocks

  • Angel Attunement Process – to energetically connect you to the angel realms and help you connect easily

  • Discovering your angel’s name, and what they look like

  • Hearing your angels’ messages, practising and building trust and belief

  • Receiving messages about all areas of your life

  • Connecting with the Archangels – receiving messages and gifts from the archangels

  • Healing yourself with the angels

  • Healing others with the angels

  • Healing your past

  • Developing your path and future with the angels

  • Protection and cleansing

  • Financial freedom and abundance

  • Working with the ascended masters and other beings of light

  • Written channelling – writing with the angels

  • Building a lasting connection with your angels

  • And many other areas

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you can complete a few simple pages to demonstrate your angelic progress on the course, and to tell us about some of the angelic benefits you have received, and we will send you a Certificate of Completion. You can join the hundreds of people around the world who are channeling their angels and helping to spread the love and grace of the angels here upon the earth.


Try it today without risk

What’s more, you get a 30-DAY, FULL TRIAL / FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course (we think you will be!), simply return the course materials and you will get a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain.

What are you waiting for? Your angels are waiting to talk with you! Sign up now and let the angel blessings and miracles come flooding into your life.

Ask your intuition now - does this
feel right for me?

In your heart, you will know already whether this course is right for you. And with the free trial and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, there is absolutely no risk. We want you to experience all the joy and love and help that the angels are here to provide to each of us.

And Guided By Angels costs less than you might think. For as little as £19.99 / $32 per month over ten months for the email version, you can start developing your connections today. Or you can choose to pay for the entire course in advance from as little as just £155 / $249 - a 20% discount.

Enroll today and you will also receive these two additional bonuses:


The angels will help guide you to joy and abundance in your life, but to help you on your way, we’ll also send you our Guide to Financial Freedom; Money Masterclass, completely FREE when you enrol on the course. This 30 page guide helps you to see your finances through new light, develop simple strategies to increase your wealth and prosperity, cut your tax burden, deal with debts once and for all and put yourself in control of money. One technique alone will double your wealth in less than 12 months. End your financial worries and become financially free, so you can serve the planet fully. This normally sells for £24.99, but it is worth far more with the peace of mind it brings – we will give it too you COMPLETELY FREE, as a bonus when you enrol, with our blessings.


BONUS 2 – FREE BONUS ANGEL CD or MP3 worth £12.99

In addition, enroll today and we will also send you a bonus angel CD, Oneness, a powerful meditation that helps you see your place in the world and receive new energies to help you on your path. This meditation alone has inspired and changed the lives of many, by bringing high and powerful angel energies into their homes. This is yours FREE, when you order the course, with our blessings.


It's easy to enroll on the course online using a credit or debit card. 100% fast and secure through our PayPal billing system.


45 US$ for 10 Months

To pay IN FULL (20% discount)
345 US$ - one time payment


29 US$ for 10 Months

To pay IN FULL (20% discount)
232 US$ - one time payment

Don't wait for angels to come to you!

The angels are here to help us and the planet. They want us to be open to their light, love and guidance, so they can bless our lives, and help us to touch the lives of others. We can open up to them even more than before, and learn how to communicate, channel and heal with the angels, which brings untold joy and blessings into our lives.

Our angel course is a gift from the angels to mankind. It shows everyone how to connect easily, safely and joyfully with the angels and archangels, so that you can receive the full love, light and benefits of working with the angels and archangels, and see your life transformed for the better.

The course is easy to follow, takes only a few hours per month, builds into a complete manual for working with the angels, and includes 7 guided angel meditations on CD to help you connect with and enjoy the love and inspiration of your angels, time and again, whenever you wish.

The course has already proven its miraculous results with hundreds of people around the world, and we offer free trial / money back guarantee, so its completely risk free.

What more could you wish for?

With love, light and angelic blessings,

Darren and the Angels

Remember, the angels are here to help us all. They want you to connect with them, so they can help you in all areas of your life. This proven course helps you connect with them easily and joyfully, and receive all the gifts and blessings I have described. Opportunities like this don’t come along often. Follow your heart and spirit. Take action. Enroll and start receiving angel blessings in your life today.
Remember that you are entitled to a full refund if you are not completely satisfied at any time in the first month (although we think you will be!) and you may to keep the bonus gifts, Money Masterclass and Oneness (worth £37.98 / $60) with our compliments. It is Completely Risk Free.

The angels have transformed my life forever. You can experience that transformation too.

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