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Welcome to our web-site, which is designed to help you connect with the angels to receive answers and inspiration about your life. Anyone can learn to connect. It's easy. We will show you how.

The Angels Are Here To Help

The angels are currently appearing on Earth in record numbers at this critical time in the earth's evolution, to help us heal ourselves and the planet. They WANT us to get closer and connect with them, to learn how to communicate, heal and be guided by them, so that they can touch our own lives, and help us to help others. That’s why they’re here. If you’re reading this web-site, maybe it’s time for you to take the next step in working more closely with your angels?

Darren Linton
BSc.(Hons), MRSGB, MIM.
Qualified NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Reiki Healer, Medium, Angel Teacher, Life Purpose Coach & Author
My name is Darren Linton. I was selected by Spirit and the angels many years ago to help spread the light and love of the angels. I have spent the last 10 years helping people around the world to connect with their angels, to learn how to talk with their guides, and receive inspiring messages, healing, and guidance about their life. It is my passion and joy to help people like you take your angelic work to higher levels, for the good of yourself, and the greater good of all those on the planet you will serve.

In this web-site you will discover:

  • How I was saved by the angels
  • Why I am working with the angels now
  • Why the angels are here to help us
  • How the angels communicate with us
  • How to improve your communication with the angels, the archangels and your spirit guides
  • What it is like to talk with the angels
  • What angels look like and what names they have
  • A simple, step-by-step way in which YOU can connect, talk and heal with your angels
  • 10 precious gifts that the angels will bring you if you invite them into your life
  • Ways in which you can discover your perfect career and life-purpose
  • Ways that you can contact, meet and work with lightworkers around the world

I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of other people by helping them to connect with the angels, so that they can be touched by grace, knowledge and wisdom and, in turn, can make a difference to the lives of others. I hope to spread a little light and love around the world.

I hope that as you read through the web-site you will become open to further angel guidance, be inspired and uplifted … Feel free to browse the site, explore some of my work (there are free books and meditations available) and sign up for the inspiring monthly newletter, AngelSpeak.

Darren's latest book 'Spreading Your Wings' is an inspiring collection of angel stories and is free.
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Guided By Angels is a home study course that teaches you to connect with your angels.
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Darren runs a number of talks and workshops around the country.
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The Pathfinder programme will help you discover your life-path and perfect career.
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The World Angel Network is a new initiative to bring light workers from around the world together.
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How The Angels Saved My Life

If it wasn’t for my angels, I wouldn’t be here today. They literally saved my life.

A few years ago, I used to have to drive around England’s infamous M25 motorway to and from work each day in the days before I left my full-time job. My approach in those days (somewhat less enlightened I’m ashamed to say) was to get into the outside lane, put my foot down, drive fast, and stay in the that lane until I reached my turn-off. One day, I was driving along like this in the fast lane when I noticed a large lorry draw level with me in the adjacent lane. It matched me for speed. Just then, I heard a voice in my head say “Speed up. Overtake this lorry and pull in. Do it NOW!” Without thinking, my foot somehow went down hard on the accelerator and I surged forward. Checking that I had overtaken the lorry next to me, I then pulled into the middle lane. At that point, something flashed by my side. I glanced round to see that there was stationary lorry which had BROKEN DOWN in the fast lane. I had been doing 70-80 MPH, hurtling towards a stationary lorry, with another lorry next to me, so I couldn’t swerve. If I hadn’t received the guidance to change lanes, I would be dead now.

I later asked my angels if it was indeed they who saved me. They said “Of course Beloved One. Your time was not up. You still have much work yet to do upon the earth” I thanked them profusely!

You are not alone –
the angels are here to save you too

Many people have become interested in angels in recent years. You have probably experienced some angel signs or contact already, be they smaller signs, like finding white feathers, signs, ‘coincidences’, and finding car parking spaces, or stronger signals, like receiving messages during healing, sensing angels and spirits around you, being told you have angels around you, receiving an angel visitation or vision, or other powerful angel experience. Many start with smaller steps, and then move on to explore further.

Julie was one such lady …


Julie had heard about people calling on their angels to help find parking spaces. She was skeptical. One day, she was due to visit a lady at home, as part of her work. There were no parking spaces in the road where the lady lived, so she tried the next street. None there. Nor the next street. “OK” Julie thought, saying a silent prayer, “If you angels are really there, help me find a parking space”
She decided to turn back into the road where the lady lived again. Just then, she saw a car pull away and open up a parking space for her. “That was lucky” she thought, and pulled into the space. Julie then looked at the lady’s address. “Right, I wonder where number 52 is?” she thought to herself. Julie looked out of her window to see she had parked EXACTLY in front of number 52, right in front of the lady’s house! “OK” She thought “Thank you angels. That’s proof enough for me”

Many people tell me they now have no difficulty in finding a parking space, even in busy periods. Nor do I! The angels help us. (Try it some time if you haven’t done so already).

People are often also familiar with receiving ‘signs’ and answers to their prayers and questions. These signs can come in a myriad of different forms – a magazine article you just ‘happen’ to open, a song on the radio, a friend who calls out of the blue with a message, or a variety of other meaningful signs that answer your question.

Heather’s is a good example …


“I was driving along wondering yet again if I should move house or not” said Heather. “Then I decided to ask the angels for some guidance. I said a short prayer asking them for help. Moments later, I pulled up at some lights. Then a large van pulled up alongside me. I looked across and saw that it was a home removals van! Even more amazingly, the company name painted on the side was ‘Riley Removals’, and my surname is Riley! There was my answer! How wonderful! What were the chances of a Riley Removals van pulling up next me seconds after I said a prayer? The angels answered my prayer instantly”

Talking of moving house, John told me how the angels gave him a sign of a white feather while he was looking for a new home...


“I was looking round a house that interested me” John told me “I was getting good feelings about the house. I thought this might be the one for me. I asked the angels for a sign as to whether it was the right one and whether I should buy the house .

Just then my host led me through into the next room. There, in the middle of the floor, as plain as can be, was a large white feather. The windows were closed, and I thought to myself ‘If you were showing someone round your house, you would certainly pick up anything that obvious off the floor’.

I took it as a sign of confirmation from the angels. I bought the house. The sale went smoothly, and I have been very happy there ever since."

You have probably had similar sorts of experiences yourself with angel signs, white feathers and ‘coincidences’ helping you. You may have experienced one of the many other ways that the angels communicate with us, such as feeling loving energy or our angels’ wings wrapping around us when we need comforting, seeing coloured lights, receiving messages while giving healing to a client, a sweet fragrance, seeing patterns in the sky, signs from birds, animals or pets – there are hundreds of ways the angels can give us signs. (If you would like more angel signs in your life, simply ask for more, be observant, and you will notice more instances occurring).

Some people have more dramatic tales to tell.

For now, I would just like to mention one more type of angel contact, before we go on to discuss why the angels are here, and how you can develop greater contact with them yourself.

A few people, and this is rare, actually receive angel visitations and visions. This usually happens during times of deep crisis. The angels appear to provide reassurance in the midst of our troubles. Clive’s story illustrates this well.


Clive was severely ill in hospital. The doctors were not sure about his chances of survival. Clive told me “One night I woke up in my hospital bed to see a huge angel, standing at the foot of my bed, with brilliant white light all around it, and I heard heavenly music. I thought I was seeing things, so I closed my eyes, but when I opened them the angel was still there.

Then it spoke to me. He said “Do not fear. You will make a full recovery.” At that moment I felt a surge of healing energy pouring through me. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then the angel disappeared. The doctors came round in the morning and found that I had made a remarkable and ‘unexplained’ recovery overnight.”

Clive went on to tell me “I searched for over 20 years to try to find that angelic music. It wasn’t until I listened to one of your guided angel meditations, Darren, that I heard the music again. I was so glad I found it.”

I was also guided to that same music when I created my meditation CDs. It seems it is popular music with the angels!

Can you see how the angels have so far been trying to reach out to you and help you? Can you remember examples and instances from your own life? Perhaps the angels are encouraging you to explore further?

The angels WANT to help us RIGHT NOW

I have already mentioned that we are living in unique times in the history of mankind. The earth is on the brink of potential disaster... global warming, environmental destruction, poverty, starvation, drought, war, disease – the list of problems is endless. We (humankind) hold the future of the planet in our hands. That is why the angels are coming to the planet in record numbers at this time.

This is only the third time in human history that the angels have come to the earth in such great numbers. This is the third great influx of angels, the dawning of the golden age. The new millennium marks the turning point, the start of the evolution of humankind, from the age of reason and science, to the age of spirit and soul. We need to evolve, to save our planet. That’s why the angels are here to help. If each of us tunes into our angels and open up to their love and guidance, our own lives will be blessed, and we can all play our part in building a better planet for us all.

Each person who connects with the angels adds to the consciousness and sum total of love and light on the planet. Each and every one of you is precious.

Let me ask you an important question: Do you think the angels have been sent here to earth simply to help us find parking spaces? Or do you think they are here to help us with more important work?

The angels are happy to help us with smaller matters, but they are really here to help us awaken to our light – to who we really are, and how we can play a bigger part in improving our lives and helping the planet. The angels would LOVE to give us far more guidance, help and inspiration, and to lead us forward with our lives, if only we will let them. We can learn how to open up to them and receive their love, inspiration and blessings.

Are you following your true life-path ?

Where are you on your life’s journey? Below are 5 stages of development along one’s life path. Out of curiosity, you might like to see which one best applies to you? (It’s good to know where we are, so we can see what lies ahead).


1. UNAWAKENED Simply going about your normal life, unaware of anything spiritual (This applies to a large proportion of the general population, though many are now waking up)

2. EXPLORING You have become interested in some spiritual areas, and are exploring further, via books, courses, etc.

3. CROSSROADS You have reached a point where you feel there is more to life than mere materialism, and are no longer satisfied with your old life. You feel something is ‘calling you ’ to do something else with you life. It’s time to move on (even though you may not know the answers yet).

4. NEW BEGINNINGS You have begun developing a new path. Perhaps have retrained, and may have begun a new career, or are offering new healing services or treatments.

5. BIGGER MISSION You have been on your new path for a long time, and see the bigger picture of why you are here on earth and your overall mission, and are busy following it with a happy heart.

Which of the above best applies to your situation?

Whichever stage of your path you have reached, the angels can help you to awaken to further guidance about your life, and help you each step of the way, if you let them.

As more of us open up to the guidance and love of the angels, our own lives will improve beyond recognition, and humanity will evolve. We can help others, and we can help to spread angel energies around the world and make a difference.

You can meet your Guardian angels, learn how to communicate with them, and receive messages about any and all questions in your life, to help guide your path. Your life can be transformed by working with the angels. All you have to do is ask, and be open to their help.

"I just wanted to share with you how truly blessed I am feeling. Thank you doesn’t begin to convey the depth of appreciation I feel for what you have taught me. I have been receiving so much assistance and inspiration. Thank you for a wonderful course. I am delighted to have experienced the reality of the angels, with whom I have talked on many occasions, and whose gentle guidance has helped me so much. I feel this connection of consciousness whenever I ask. Their love and help during this course has definitely helped my spiritual growth and development, and I now realize we can have an abundant and joyful life, with the love, light and harmony of our dear and beloved friends and angels. The work you and the angels are doing is phenomenal – I send my love and appreciation."
Tina G. (course student)

You can read more comments from previous students here

That’s why I am here – to help people like you develop your connection with the angels further, so you too can improve your life with the love and help of the angels, and be a light unto the world.

My Amazing Revelations

Many people ask me ‘How did you get started Darren?’ It’s quite a remarkable story.

Originally I was a businessman, living a normal life. Then I became inspired by the idea of helping people, and switched full-time into personal development training and coaching. (I loved helping people to make improvements in their lives). Following some changes in my personal life, I became ill with M.E.. I began exploring mind-body-spirit techniques, mainly to help heal myself, as there was no traditional cure, and partly to help my clients (I always liked exploring the latest, fastest and most effective techniques for helping people improve their lives). I awoke to whole new world, and my life gradually improved.

One day, quite unexpectedly, a man walked into my office and said
“You’re Darren? You’re quite interested in spiritual matters aren’t you?”
I replied, somewhat cautiously, wondering why he had asked.
He went on “I’m the UK’s foremost Psychic Development teacher. I’ve been sent by Spirit to train you psychically. I run a psychic development group every Monday evening. Its free. Do you want to come?”I was flabbergasted! “Er, yes, OK” I replied. I couldn’t refuse an invitation like that!

Within just a few weeks I found myself performing spiritual healing and channeling messages from spirit for people in the group. It was amazing. Then, after a few weeks, this man said “Sorry everyone. Spirit is calling me to Australia. Got to go. Goodbye.” And he left!

I wondered to myself “What am I supposed to do with this incredible gift now?” I knew I wanted to use it wisely. I prayed for guidance. Then one day, while running a workshop in my home, I heard this loud, clear voice say to me “Start a business. Call it Lifeworks. Have it be all about helping people find their life’s work, and connecting with Spirit and the angels. Just start. We’ll guide you”.

‘Well’ I thought ‘I asked for guidance, and here it is.’ It fitted me perfectly and excited me. It was really an extension of my training and coaching work – helping people look at their lives, receive inspiration, and make improvements. So I started. The voice continued to talk with me, and revealed that it was my angel. That was the start of my connection with the angels.

That was over 10 years ago. Since then it has been my absolute joy and privilege to help hundreds of other people connect with angels and spirit, and receive inspiring guidance and messages about their lives and life purpose. It feels like home for me – this is what I was born to do. Over the years, the angels have shown me how to help OTHERS connect with their angels and receive inspiration in easy, simple and highly effective ways. It is a joy to help others such as you connect with the love, joy and inspiration of the angels. This is what I, and the angels, would like to share with you and the world.

Can anyone connect?

Let me answer a few common questions for you.

Do we all have angels? Can we all talk with them?

The answer is Yes. We each have Guardian Angels, who are here to protect us. If you’ve ever thought ‘Phew. That was a near miss or lucky escape” then that was probably your Guardian Angel protecting you. We also have other, guiding angels who are sent to help us. Any of these can talk with us and help guide our lives for the better. Frequently, the Archangels also play a big part in working with us too. They are all here to help us. People also often have spirit guides, other guides, and human guides to help them too. There is an abundance of help we can call on.

What’s the difference between guides and angels?

Angels are just that; angelic beings who have never incarnated upon the earth. They can communicate with us (once we know how) and perform miracles that help us on our path. The Archangels are particularly powerful beings who are higher up in the angel hierarchy. Spirit Guides are the souls of wise people who have lived many lives upon the earth before, and offer to help us with guidance, wisdom and advice during this lifetime. They will often take forms such as Red Indians, wise men, or animal guides. They are very wise and helpful beings who can also guide us in the right direction in all areas of our lives, though they generally don’t have the same miraculous powers as the angels or archangels. They are still wonderfully helpful beings to communicate with, and you should welcome them.

Sometimes, people also have deceased relatives who come back to support, help and guide them. Occasionally, people have old Masters (such as Jesus, Buddha, or Sai Baba) who come to them to help guide and teach them. We can learn how to communicate with any and all of these wise beings.

What do the angels look like? Can you see them?

Everyone I work with sees what the angels look like in their mind's eye, rather than in physical form. (It is a rare gift for people to be able to see angels in physical form). Like humans, angels vary in their appearance. Some are male, some female, some androgynous (no clear gender). Mostly they have wings, but sometimes not. Often they have flowing robes and a spiritual light and glow around them. You’ll find out for yourself once you connect!

What names do angels have?

Angels can have classic angel sounding names, like Michael, Raphael or Serenity. They can also have human names such as Angela, Peter or David. Thirdly, angels sometimes have unusual sounding names, such as Arcadia or Amora. Occasionally, these names may have relevant meanings. For example, when I asked my own Guardian Angel for its name, I received the name ‘Elohel’. I then received an intuitive thought to check an encyclopedia. When I looked up the word, I found the word Elohim, which is the ancient Jewish word for God. Elohel is the female version of God. I am descended from the Jewish race, so having an angel named after the Jewish word for God seems appropriate! Angels with unusual but relevant names are rare, but they do occur. Double-check the name of your angel, (if you know it already), and look it up if it feels appropriate.

What is it like, communicating with angels?

Each angel has a different feel or quality or sound – that’s how you can tell them apart. Generally, people get the sort of angel that is appropriate for THEM. See the example below.


Sharon was a lovely, gentle soul who came to one of my workshops. Her guardian angel was a small, gentle, beautiful female angel called Serenity, with a soft, loving voice and gentle energy. “She was perfect for me, and just like me. I felt so comfortable with her” said Sharon.

Patricia, however, was a tough, no nonsense lady, a survivor of the second world war, she didn’t want anything ‘airy fairy’. Her angel was called Michael, who proved to be an equally tough, no nonsense angel! He told her to pull her socks up and get on with things! She was delighted “If I had got Serenity” she told me “I wouldn’t have listened, but Michael is perfect for me.” Michael was tall, strong and handsome.


When I first began I had two angels working with me in the first year, Michael and Celia. Michael was the classic male energy – practical and logical, urging me to get on with things. Celia provided the feminine energy, encouraging me to explore my heart, and consider the gentler feminine side of all things. Together they made a good team.

So angels vary widely. I wonder what sort you will connect with?

There are several ways you can start working with us. are you interested in:

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Personal sessions with Darren?
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Darren's latest book 'Spreading Your Wings' is an inspiring collection of angel stories and is free.
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