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Are you looking for angelic help and answers?

I work with the angels to help people like you to:

  • Gain the angelic help and answers you need to solve your problems

  • Discover your true Path and Purpose – find the right path for your life

  • Tackle personal problems and blocks (from this or previous lives) which are holding you back, and receive angelic help and guidance in resolving these

  • Connect with the Angels, Archangels and Masters, and receive loving help and guidance to help you move forwards with your life

So you are free to move forward along your divinely guided path at last, helped by the angels. We can help you to sort out problems in your life, and move forward with your life, with angelic help, guidance , direction and blessings.

Sessions can be arranged in person, or more commonly these days, by phone or skype, with you anywhere in UK or rest of the world. You can soon have the help and answers you seek. The angels always come through, and the results are touching and amazing

"Darren is an extra-ordinary coach - its like being held in the palm of an angel. He has guided me on to my path, helped me discover a deeper power within me, which has lit up my life again after years of searching for the real me. Now I let the miracles in." Leoni Gordon

Whether you are looking for help with problems, or want guidance about your future path and direction, the angels and I will happy to connect with you and assist you. And there are £100 worth of  free bonuses if you book a session  this month.

Are you an Advanced or Wise Soul?

Many souls are awakening to realise that they have ‘more to do in the world’, and are seeking guidance about their life path and purpose in the world. You too may well be an advanced soul, with a role to play in helping others and the world.

Maybe you have been told you are a great healer, teacher, or someone here to help the world, but don't quite believe it yet (but would like to check it out and clarify it once and for all). There are many wonderful souls here to help the earth who are even more amazing than your realise. I continually have sessions with people where they have their 'socks blown off' – are amazed and delighted at what the experience, and what spirit reveals. They often say it is like 'coming home' at last. It feels so right.

Some of you KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are here to do amazing good works here on earth. Some of you will even have had messages and remarkable spiritual experiences which hint at your future. Is it time to embrace the real you and your true path? Do not worry about fears – they contain lessons for you, which will help and empower you. They can easily be cleared in a most beneficial and positive, transformational way. If the time feels right, let me (and the angels) help you.

Signs that you are a gifted soul

See if you can identify with any of the following?

• You feel different to others
• you are always helping others
• you are a good listener, good at giving advice and helping others
• you are interested in healing and helping others
• have perhaps explored many ideas but not found 'it' yet – the right path
• have been told by others that you are a healer, teacher, earth angel
• Would like to connect with angels, archangels, masters of other beings of light more often, and work with them to spread healing and teaching
• you are a sensitive soul
• you sometimes find it difficult to cope with negativity and emotions of others
• you have unusual physical problems or illnesses
• you have had a few remarkable spiritual experiences
• feel you don't really belong here on earth – desire to 'go home'
• are honest, open he arted, loving – cant really understand how people can be anything else
• are interested in angels, spirit, space
• have unusual knowledge or gifts
• have experienced amazing ideas and events during your life, even in childhood
• have ideas about helping the world, opening a healing centre, healing many
• feel there is 'something more you are supposed to do with your life'
• feel there is 'something missing'
• have many ideas about helping the world, but are a bit confused
• have tried implementing some of these ideas, but things just have not worked out so far (why not? Answer, you are missing some vital information – some higher guidance and energy to support you)
• might be ill, or going through some major life changes, and 'know' there is something better for you
• children are grown up, are nearing retirement, are bored of your job, know there is something else for you to do, and are ready to explore
• just feel that you should contact me for some reason

If you answered yes to even 2-3 of these, then it means that spirit is calling you to awaken. It means you have gifts that can benefit others, have good work to do here on earth, and have a better, happier, more fulfilling and wonderful path ahead of you. As the world becomes more and more spiritual, and the earth needs changes, so more and more people are needed to help heal and teach others and make a difference to this world.

Following your spiritual path is magical, fulfilling, not always easy, but hugely rewarding. Knowing you are on the right path and that everything is starting to unfold for you is a great feeling.

Beloved Ones

Many of you sense that you are destined to serve the divine and help others. Awakening to our greater love and guidance will fill your heart with gladness. You will feel so much better – find the inner peace, love, and answers for which you have been searching and waiting. Only good will come of this. Do not let your human or past life fears hold you back – bring them with you to be healed in the light. Then you can be free at last to embrace your glorious future. Link with us, and let us heal you, guide you, inspire and uplift you, so you can let your light shine at last.

Angels, Archangels, Masters and beings of the light.

There are many great souls here to help the planet, and it is my honour, privilege and specialist skill to help you connect with the angels, archangels and masters, and receive the higher answers and guidance about your path you need, together with new energies and re-awakenings. If you sense you are a wise soul, here to help others and the world, I would be delighted to help you clarify your path, and offer the angel guidance and help you need to fulfil your potential.

Get the help and answers you need from the angels quickly and easily


I know how frustrating it can be when you are out of work, or in the wrong job, feeling stuck or trapped, desperate to find the right career path and move on (or even find that ‘missing something' you've been searching for – your true path or life purpose). You're miserable, frustrated, don't know where to turn – you want help and want answers, so you can get on with your life. You want answers now! Well, the good news is I can help you get the answers in the next 7 days. That's right, a week from now you could have the answers you are seeking.

"Truly inspiring. After years of searching, I have finally found my true path. Darren inspires, encourages and supports every step of the way. Its so simple, its simply amazing. " M Royall

What do you dream of … Starting a new life? Finding your Ideal Career? Doing ‘something more' with your life?

The angels and I can help you to;

· Discover your Life Purpose and that ‘missing something' in life
· Make a Difference and help others in the world
· Find your Ideal Career
· Start your own Business
· Create Abundance and Financial Freedom
· Resolve problems– relationships, fear of success/failure, recurring patterns
· Clear blocks to connecting with the angels
· Find the Real You, Your Gifts and your true path
· Connect with your angels, and the archangels and masters too
· Follow your Heart, Soul and Spirit – do something ‘special' with your life
· Link with a higher power – your guides, spirits, angels, the Universe, to provide answers and guide your life
· Develop a happy and rewarding new life for yourself, your family  others and the world

Do any of these appeal to you? Would you like to discover the answers now, quickly and easily?

The good news is you find the perfect path for you and the answers you need within the next couple of weeks. Book a session with me (by phone or in person) and you'll soon have the answers you need and be on your way to finding your perfect path and starting a better life. See below for details about how the sessions work, fees, and how to book your session.

Leave The Wrong Path Behind - Find a New Path

You may have found yourself in the wrong job and wrong career, or at a crossroads, needing to make changes. Maybe you are simply tired of your work, and feel there is something more for you to do with your life, a better option waiting for you. Perhaps some personal crisis – loss of a loved one, illness, redundancy – has left you searching for answers and a new start. The result is the same – frustration, unhappiness, feeling unfulfilled, desperate to find answers. You may have spent your whole life trying to please others, but now its time to figure out what you really want.

If you are unhappy in your job or with your life, that unhappiness spills over and affects every other aspect of your life too. Your relationships and children suffer, because you are unable to give them your best. The stress can take a toll on your health. You may resort to comfort eating or indulging yourself to try to dull the pain, but that only makes you more unhappy and leads to more debt. Your whole life will continue to suffer until you sort out the right career for you. Failing to resolve this does not bear thinking about!

At a deeper level, we all occasionally ask ourselves ‘Why am I really here? Is this all there is? Or is there a reason why I am here – something I am supposed to do with my life?' It is a basic human question. Our soul longs for the answer. The meaning of our life. For many, this is a life-long unfulfilled yearning. If you're struggling with this question, you'll never find inner peace and lasting happiness until you solve this one.

The good news is that you can turn this all around. You can get the answers you need. The choices you make today will determine your future. With the right help, you can find the right answers. The choices you make today will affect what your life will be like tomorrow and perhaps for the rest of your life. Here are two options. Which of these 2 alternatives would YOU choose.

Peter was unhappy in his work. He felt trapped and unfulfilled. He hated going to work Aged 44 he couldn't see any way out – he thought he was ‘too old' to change. He became moody and withdrawn. It started to put a strain on his marriage. He considered getting some career guidance, but was worried about the money, and felt too proud to ask for help – surely he should be able to find the answers by himself. He was also a little scared of change. He struggled on. Things only got worse. Peter was headed for depression, a break-down, divorce or trouble – he was heading for a crisis

Michael was also unhappy in his career. It had supported him and his family, but he felt he had outgrown it, that there was ‘something more' he wanted to do with his life, although he wasn't sure what exactly, but knew it was time to move on. He got help. He discovered a passion that had been slowly developing beneath the surface in him, and was inspired when he saw how this could become a new career for him. He moved to the coast with his family, took a job in his new chosen career and started a new life. Leaving the city for a smaller town meant he had more quality time with his family. They walked and played on the beach. His wife, his marriage and his children thrived in the new location. He could see nothing but good opportunities ahead. Looking back, he could hardly believe all the changes and the improvements to his happiness and the quality of their lives. He wished he had done it sooner!

There are thousands of examples of Peters and Michaels out there – which group of people would you like to belong to?

Change is possible. It comes down to a decision. We all need a little help from time to time. Getting your career right, being in the right job and on the right path, affects your whole life - your happiness and quality of life, for you and your family. It is vital to take the time and effort to get it right. You don't have to suffer any longr.

Find The Answers Fast - Save Time and Money

People can often spend many months or years (and small fortunes!) searching for a new path, trying different courses, jobs, workshops, changing career, without success. They can feel trapped and frustrated because they know they haven't found the right path yet. Even worse, since our work is a big part of our lives, being frustrated and unhappy in your job can cause difficulties in other areas too – stress, poor health, drinking, strain on your family and relationships, undermine your self-confidence, run up debts, and create other problems too. These other problems can all be expensive and time-consuming too. It is wise to sort out the right career as soon as possible.

Finding the right career path for you saves you time and money, and lets you get on with life. It ends frustration and helps sort out all the other problems, leaving you feeling happy, inspired and free at last.

A New, More Holistic and Uplifting Approach

Traditional career guidance often focuses on past skills and experience, then limits you to what you have done before. My approach is different – it is positive, holistic and forward-looking – it explores what you really want from life, what ‘calls' to you and interests / inspires you, helps you identify your gifts (often hidden) and how to use them fully in doing what you love. I can help you build a new career and life for yourself doing what you really love and believe in, and what you feel called' to do and is right for you.

There is a world of opportunity awaiting you. You just need a little help finding the right path for you. Once you find the right path, you'll feel like a different person, and you'll be on the road to happiness and success.

For those who feel there is ‘something missing' or ‘something more they are supposed to do with their life' and want to find the answers ‘before its too late and they've wasted their life', I can help you too. You may feel that you want to ‘make a difference' and help others and contribute positively to the world. This is an area I love to help people with – and it is one of my unique gifts and specialities. I can answer these and other bigger questions about your life too, and help you find the answers you need remarkably quickly (within a few days or weeks), using my unique traditional and/or spiritual methods and years of experience.

A World of Opportunity - Finding the Right One for Us

To create a joyful, fulfilling, inspiring life for ourselves, we need to find the path that ‘calls' to our heart, soul and spirit – a path that ‘lights us up', and gives us an inner smile and glow of enthusiasm. One that uses our gifts fully, and fits our desired lifestyle. In this age when anything is possible, we need not be restricted by the past, but rather explore the ideal new future we want to create for our self.

Fast and Effective Answers

Since starting LifeWorks in 1996, an organization dedicated to inspiring people and helping them to find their life's work, I have helped literally hundreds of people to find and begin a new and better future for themselves and their families. People are delighted and amazed by my work. I specialize in helping people to obtain profound answers quickly and easily, so you can get on with your life.

"It was an incredible experience. The inspiration was so vivid and clear and useful. I now know my life path. Thank you. " Steve Brown

"I had been miserable for so long - I tried everything and everyone else but nothing worked for me. You were my last resort. You cracked it. You did it Darren. I'm so glad I came to you!" Richard A.

"After years of uncertainty and frustration, I now have a direction and peace in my life. What a relief! It has inspired and helped me in so many ways - with my career, my health, my relationship with others, and my self. If you are looking for something amazing, don't miss this! Katie Trudeau

It is MY purpose to help as many people as possible end struggle, suffering and searching, and find a new and fulfilling direction. I want to help you find your true self and true path, and to live a happy, fulfilling, abundant life, doing what you love, using your talents and gifts for the good of yourself, your family and others.

FREE 20 MINUTE EXPLORATORY SESSION – Call me to discuss your future – I offer a free 20 minute exploratory session. Tell me your situation, why you need some help, and I'll tell you how I can help and give you some initial feedback. You'll know within 10 minutes if I'm the right person to help you get you the answers you need. Tel UK (0044) 01245 460057 (9.30 am - 8.00 pm) (If I'm not available when you call, leave a message and I'll call you back free).

Individual Coaching Sessions

I provide individual sessions, by telephone, or in person, to help you get the answers you need. We agree the issues you want to cover. These can include:

· Find a more satisfying career

· Find my Life Purpose, Life Path or destiny

· Make a bigger contribution to this world

· Learn how to make it happen and let it unfold

· Improve relationships with partner, children, family and/or friends

· Resolve money worries and learn how to attain Financial Freedom

· Clear problems / blocks / habits that are holding you back

· Connect more fully with the Real Me / my Inner Spirit / Higher Self

· Learn how to ‘tune in' more and be guided by your intuition / higher self

· Discover how to be ‘guided' by the universe, Higher Force (or God), guides and angels and receive guidance

· Find ‘what's missing' in life and adopt a more spiritual, fulfilling approach to life

...You choose which are important to you. (People often say they want most or all of these! Which would be YOUR top 3-4 priorities?) We agree these, then I then help you get the answers, in inspiring ways. When you find the right path and answers, you'll be delighted, amazed and inspired.

Sessions can be held daytimes or evenings, by phone or in person. I use a wide range of methods to help you get the answers you need, tailored to you and your situation. These can include both traditional techniques, and (if you wish and are open to it) holistic and spiritual techniques, including channeling information for you from my guides, angels and from Spirit for you - a FAST way to get answers. I tailor the session to you to meet your desired results and preferences - it makes no difference to me - the results come either way. Answers always come in the very first session - you are assured rapid results.

Additionally, many people have suffered difficulties (e.g. health, relationships, other problems this lifetime). Often these have a hidden lesson and bearing on your desired career and life purpose. This can be very revealing and healing, to see how your greatest challenges may in fact be blessings in disguise, to guide and empower you. I can help you unlock these lessons, help heal the pain or hurt, and enable you to feel healed, inspired and empowered by events. This will not apply to everyone, but is there as an option. You cannot move forward powerfully if you are still hurting from the past.

We need to become whole again, and find the right path for ourselves and our lives.

You do not have to wait any longer to discover your path and the answers you are seeking. You can get them NOW! The sooner you discover the right path for you, the sooner you can get on with it!

"After years of frustrating search, Darren produced the answer within the first hour. I was amazed and delighted." Adrian Williams

How it works

To help you, I send you a special questionnaire when you book. I go through your questionnaire in advance, and I receive guidance and inspiration to help you, even before we begin. This makes our sessions highly valuable, right from session 1 - no wasted time going over background, we get down to the answers you need immediately. The questionnaire and preparation helps to produce the 'magic' in the sessions - rapid answers for you.

I conduct two hour sessions - this enables us to get lots of answers to various questions for you. Because I produce results quickly, most people only need 1-3 sessions. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted too. (See client comments page for some testimonials from past clients). The first session may be enough to clarify your path itself and answer this lifelong question. Three sessions provides the opportunity to clarify your life path in greater deal, (short medium and longer term), HOW to make it happen, receive higher guidance and inspiration, clear any blocks or issues from the past, increase your own confidence and inner strength, cover any other areas of your life that need help (e.g. health, relationships), and utterly astound and delight you. It will completely transform your life path and the rest of your life (not an exaggeration).

You can try the first session and see how it goes, before deciding about a possible further one or two sessions.

This work can save you years of struggle, frustrations, searching, stress, wrong career moves, wasted time and courses, wrong turns, and lead you to your true path and happiness and fulfillment rapidly - its worth its weight in gold!


The 2 hour session, plus up to one hour's preparation (questionnaire and advance preparation and messages for first session, and follow up calls, review of notes, and further preparation and messages for subsequent sessions) means each session takes about 3 hours of my time. I charge my time at £50 per hour (approx $82). Three hours of my time (one hour for questionnaire and preparation and the 2 hour session) = 3 x £50 = £149 per session ($195 or 179 euros per session) - very reasonable for the life changing answers and inspiration you will receive. I also provide notes from the sessions. I am also providing £100 ($200) worth of FREE BONUSES to help you develop your new path, if you book a session this month.


It is natural for people to be concerned about maintaining their income when changing career – you have to pay your bills. I can help. I will also provide you with a superb Guide to Financial Freedom, which shows you how to change career safely, how to clear up debts, and how to make yourself financially free so you don't have to worry about money again (wouldn't that be good!). Simple practical steps. Lots of great tips that will help you boost your finances by hundreds of pounds (or more) PER YEAR. Follow this and you'll be better off. An extremely valuable guide. Normally sold for £75 / $150 (a bargain) but I'm giving it to you FREE when you have a session this month. Why? Because I want to help you successfully build a new and better life.


During times of change people may doubt themselves. You can benefit from a boost of self-belief and confidence to help you build your new path. So if you book a session this month, I'll also give you FREE an outstanding ebook on boosting your confidence and becoming more powerful and successful in all you do. Worth £25 ($50), another gift to help you build your new future.

That's £100 ($150) worth of free gifts for you with your first session. Book your session this month to receive these extra gifts.

Email me to find out how I can help you, and to arrange a session -

Take the next step to your new future

For the first 10 people to contact me this month, I am offering the following:
Book 2 One to One Sessions with me and get $570 of free gifts

Yes, book two sessions with me and you will receive the following:
FREE WEBINAR on clearing your blocks to your path and abundance - worth $150
FREE WEBINAR on connecting with angels and archangels - worth $125
FREE WEBINAR on connecting with ascended masters - worth $125
FREE Confidence building course - worth $125
FREE Guide to Financial Freedom - Money Masterclass - worth $45
Total value - $570

You will receive all these free gifts once you complete your 2 sessions.

I am making this special offer (book 2 sessions and get all these free webinars and free gifts), to the first 10 people who contact me and book your first session this month. First come, first served.

To find out more, read on below, or contact me directly at:

Darren Linton BSc (Hons) MAAS, MIM, MRSGB
Tel : UK 01245 460057 (10.00 am – 8.00 pm GMT)

Or Email :

… and find out how I can help you. Call or email with brief background and what help you want, and I'll tell you how I can help you (free 20 minute call). You'll know within a few minutes whether I am right the right person to help you.

Let me help you, inspire you, lead you to your life's work and a happier, brighter, more fulfilling new life. It will be my privilege and pleasure to help you.

"I decided to embark on a course with Darren because I had come to a watershed in my life and didn't know which way to turn. I was permanently worried about money and felt I would never be able to follow the new directions I hade always dreamed about. He first introduced me to the idea of Financial Freedom. The outcome has been peace of mind in the short term, and a sure route to financial freedom in the future. He then showed me tools to help guide my life. The experience has been a hugely valuable one. It has released me from financial worries and given me a fulfilling life. I would recommend it to anyone."

You have opened my soul to the light of life. I came to you with loads of frustration, knowing that there was more to my life. With your patience and help, I have taken steps towards my new future. I have stopped wishing and have made it happen, all of which I couldn't have done without your guidance. Thank you so much." Jo Tooth

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