This is what previous delegates have said about our courses and workshops.

I’m now aware that the angels are just a breath away. The course allowed me to grow and fully understand my place in the world. (Sharon Bloom)

The experience of talking and listening to Angels is unbelievable. My life has changed for the better. (Sheila Priest)

I have learned about myself and my life, how to work with the angels, and how to integrate spirituality into my life. It has made me aware of my abilities, and helped me to bloom. (Carrie Hyne)

The course gave me a greater awareness that I am truly ‘not alone’ and that angel guidance is there whenever I need it. (Sharon Eglinton)

I had been looking for a clearer direction in life for a long time. I had tried many avenues. This course opened up a doorway and it was a pleasure to step through it. (Julie McCracken)

I am glad I found the courage to invest in the angel course. I now have a better understanding of who I am, and I have discovered my heart’s desire and life path, and the necessary steps to achieve them. This opened the door. (Wendy Powell)

Inspirational! I have had wonderful success with connecting and have not only met a wise and loving guide, but have made contact with my Guardian Angel. It was a moving experience. (Pam Hayes)

The course is brilliant - clear, informative and thorough, with wisdom and understanding shining through. The definitive work on angels. It is beautiful. (Pam Hampton)

The course is literally ‘Wonder-full’, inspirational, and without question, THINGS HAPPEN. It is the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will never spend so little to receive so much. (Jill Goldie)

I admire the way beginners were eased in comprehensively, without frustrating the more experienced travelers - plenty for all to do. (Dorothy Lewis)

Life changing in a way I never thought possible. I counted the days until the next session turned up. It was like receiving a gift each month. It was very easy to connect during the exercises - it was like switching on a light and finding out someone had been standing there all the time. Once I’d connected with my Guardian Angel, hardly a day goes by without my being aware of her presence, guiding me, helping me, talking with me. (Paula Glenister)

It has greatly enhanced my ability to connect with my angels, archangels and spirit guides. The angels are not just for Christmas, but are for life! (Stephen Wheatley)

The guided visualisations were the next best thing to being at a workshop. Very easy to connect. (Faye Sorbet)

Working with angels has made my life a lot more enjoyable and easier. The angels are like devoted friends who are always there for me, looking out for me, and helping when asked. (Ruth Wynnick)

Thank you for this course. I feel so privileged to be taking it. It is wonderful, and has made such a difference to my life already. (Caroline McKinley)

I have always been interested in angels. I think this course is life-changing - my life has clearly changed for the better. There have been situations during the course when I have asked for help, and help has definitely come. The course is great. (Sue Smith)

Exciting, exhilarating and enlightening. Now I know my angels are always with me, and I can ask for help whenever I want to. (Ivy Hill)

It’s a wonderful, wonderful course. (Jane Montforte)

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