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You are invited to join Darren for an enjoyable and enlightening workshop learning how to connect with your guides and angels and receive their loving healing, guidance and messages, to uplift and inspire you.

  • Would you like to learn how to channel messages from your angels?

  • Would you like to receive angel messages about your life?

  • Would you like to clarify your life path and purpose in the world?

  • Would you like to run angel workshops of your own?

Darren now runs several types of angel workshop. Each programme guides you through his unique step-by-step method for connecting with the angel and archangels, working with them for guidance and inspiration and then learning more about ascended masters, healing, and unlocking your true life-path. There are advanced level weekends, and Teacher Training weekends for those who want to learn how to develop angel workshops of their own.

Click on one of the options below to learn more about each programme:

Angel Home Study Programme
- available now
Darren's teaching is always available via the ten-month home study programme, Guided By Angels. This is ideal for those who wish to work in their own time, at their own pace. It also goes into each part of the process in more depth, with exercises, inspiring examples, and further reading. The programme is fully certificated. Many students who attend other types of workshop move on to the home study programme to develop their skills further.
Click here for more information.

Online Workshop
Darren recently launched his live, online workshop, delivered entirely over the internet. The workshop is conducted over two days in two three-hour sessions. You participate from the comfort of your own home where you can experience the workshop teaching, meditations and reflections, and ask questions via messages on-screen and receive feedback. Designed to allow people from all corners of the globe to experience Darren's unique programme, anyone with a broadband connection and computer can participate.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and costs.

Level 1 Angel Workshop
How to Channel the Angels & Archangels Easily

Work with Darren and learn his step-by-step process for connecting and channeling messages from the anagels. This workshop runs over two days (usually a weekend) and is ideal if you are looking for a local group where you can learn face-to-face with Darren and like-minded souls. It is also a great opportunity to meet with Darren. Weekend Workshops are run around the UK and increasingly overseas.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and locations.

Level 2 Advanced Channelling Workshop
Archangels, Masters, Past Lives and Life-Path

This weekend workshop is for those who feel guided to make a difference – develop a path of helping others and the world, AND who wish to connect with the energies, healing and guidance of the archangels, masters and higher beings. Students are encouraged to have completed the level 1 workshop - How to Channel the Angels & Archangels - before attending this advanced weekend.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and locations.

Discover Your Path For This Year And Beyond
During this ascension workshop, Darren will teach you the 5 step process for connecting with the  God / Source energies and receiving higher energies and the guidance you need. These powerful loving energies and guidance will guide and enhance every aspect of your life and work.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and locations.

Teacher Training Workshop
Develop & Teach Your Own Angel Workshops

This weekend workshop will teach you how to run your own angel channelling workshops. It will also enable you to teach it with your own personality and twist too. Become a certified angel workshop leader, and can run your own courses.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and locations.

Darren runs special retreats each year and these can range from long weekends, to mid-week or even full week events. Usually, groups are kept small which means more time for individual learning, reflection and teaching. Retreats will often involve evening meals together, trips to local landmarks or places of spiritual significance, and opportunities to spend more time with Darren, to help you develop your chosen path.
Click here for more details, upcoming dates and locations.

Invite Darren To Your Area
Darren is increasingly arranging to run workshops where he is invited. Do you think you can get a group of 5-10 (or more) friends, clients, staff or people together for a workshop?  Depending on numbers, it could be held at your healing centre, organisation, local venue (hotel or community centre) or home.

If you think you can get a group together, and would like to discuss the possibility of Darren coming and running a workshop there (angel workshop, advanced workshop, marketing workshop, or tailormade event) then please contact him at

Events in UK and Europe considered. US and overseas would need to be an online webinar, unless it was a large event. He looks forward to hearing from you.

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